Your resident host / Chef Darilyn will tempt you with modern Australian cuisine.

Meals can be arranged to suit your taste and dietary needs with reasonable notice.

Don't forget to ask for the recipe for your favourite dish

As well as the usual common herbs and Warrigal greens growing near the Bed and Breakfast, there are always some local ingredients included. Various citrus can be picked almost all year round as can the fragrant Kaffir lime leaves for exotic Asian dishes

When we explore the bush food garden with Les, you can also taste the flavours Darilyn may use in dinner that evening. Native mint which brings a hint of eucalyptus to that lamb dish or the a warm sweetness of native pepper leaf to make a sauce for kangaroo or an unusual but delicious ice-cream, last of all Lemon Myrtle, (great with local Lakes Entrance fish and seafood)  finish the food walk.

The mild climate near Lakes Entrance provides the micro climates that allow this range of foods to flourish.

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