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Accreditation  Goldsmith's in the Forest
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Bird watching or birding

can be as simple as relaxing on the deck or strolling in the forest and gully.  The Kookaburra, Lyrebird,  Wonga pigeon and Crimson Rosella are all birds that can be seen and heard singing on our property on our property. ( although the Wonga Pigeon and the Crimson Rosella have more of a call than a song.) With lowland forest, rainforest and limestone box box forest on the property, be it a honeyeater, a fruit eater or an insect eater there is plenty of food to attract a bird to our forest.
See our List of Birds

 Blue Wren 
   Bronzewing pigeon
  Channel-Billed Cuckoo
Kookaburra Lyrebird   Gang Gang

Golden Whistler

Grey Butcher Bird

Grey Fantail

King Parrot

Laughing Kookaburra

Lewin's Honeyeater

Little wattle Bird



Nankeen Night Heron

New Holland Honeyeater 

Olive Backed Oriole

Powerful Owl

Rufus Fantail 

Rainbow Lorrikeet

Sacred Kngfisher

Satin Bower bird

Scaly Thrush

Shrike thrush

Spotted Pardelote

Sooty Owl

Tawny frogmouth

Yellow Robin

Yellow tailed black cockatoo

Wonga pidgeon Crimson Rosella

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