Lakes Entrance B & B

Lakes Entrance  Bed and Breakfast Retreat

Spa at the B & B
Accreditation  Goldsmith's in the Forest
Harrison's Track Lakes Entrance, Vic 3909 Ph. 61 03 51552518
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Two nights with cooking instruction to suit your interests

Cooking Class for up to 4 couples. ( Excellent local fishing  and two local golf courses are available for non cooking partners. The Lakes Entrance course was listed  in the top 100 for 2002)
Learn as you help prepare the meals for the formal dinner as part of the cooking class. School programs will be designed to feature fresh seasonal and regional foods.
Complimentary Apron, recipes and Instruction sheets.


Cooking class kitchen at Goldsmith's
First night a casual antipasto supper, time to talk about food and arrange cooking class times  for the following day.

Start with breakfast, perhaps, a chance to perfect your technique with the Omelette, or just try a new combination or two.
Next the breads and the Ice cream to have with dinner.
Prepare a light lunch - Sushi and Buckwheat noodles, Miso Soup and Prawns in Rice paper Rolls. Take the time  for a relaxing Spa before it's back to the hands on work of preparing dinner.
Thai style snapper with Jasmine rice
Prepare a selection of local seafood Bugs and grilled local mussels with pepperberry sauce for the entree.
Whole Thai style steamed Snapper  with Jasmine rice and Asian vegetables.
Dessert Chocolate Soufflé with chocolate Ice cream

Cost for cooking school including all meals $380 per person 
                                               (non cooking partners $220)         

Chocolate souffle hot from the oven