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Accreditation  Goldsmith's in the Forest
Harrison's Track Lakes Entrance, Vic 3909 Ph. 61 03 51552518
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spend a lot of time in the range of

Many of the more commonly seen and heard birds  CLICK for  Rare birds

kingfisherBird Pictures

Australian magpie Australian magpie lark
Australian raven Azure kingfisher Bell miner Black faced cuckoo shrike Black cormorant Black duck Blackbird Bronzewing pigeon
Buff banded rail Button quail Crested shrike tit Common Ibis Eastern spine bill Eastern whipbird Eastern yellow robin Fantailed cuckoo
Flame robin Fork tailed swift Galah Gang gang cockatoo Glossy black cockatoo Golden bronze cuckoo Golden whistler Grey butcher bird
Grey fantail Grey shrike thrush Grey teal King parrot Jacky winter Laughing kookaburra Lewins honeyeater Little falcon
Little heron Little pied cormorant Little wattle bird Masked plover Masked wood swallow Mistletoe bird Mountain duck New Holland honeyeater
Pied currawong Rainbow lorikeet Restless flycatcher Red browed firetail Red wattle bird Richards pippit Rose robin Rufus fantail
RRainforestufus whistler Sacred kingfisher Superb lyrebird Satin bowerbird Scaly thrush Scarlet robin Silvereye Spotted quail thrush
Straw necked Ibis Sulphur crested cockatoo Superb blue wren Wedge tailed eagle Welcome swallow Whistling kite White browed scrub wren White browed sea eagle
White Ibis White eared honeyeater White throated tree creeper White winged chough Willie wagtail Wonga pigeon Wood duck Yellow billed spoonbill
Located on the edge of a rainforest gully, with Bass Strait to the south and the forests of east Gippsland to the North we are in an edge system that provides habitat for an extraordinary range of birds. Rainforest offers the dark damp area with deep leaf litter favoured by the lyrebirds and the pigeons whilst the dense understory provides shelter for many small birds and the lillypilly fruits are a boon for the parrots and the bowerbirds. The big owls roost in the upper branches of the rainforest canopy. Up in the regenerating lowland forest the black wattle trees offer an ideal food source for the insect eaters, whilst the honeyeaters spend a lot of time feeding in the various eucalypts.