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Steamed John Dory with Thai flavours                   

            2 tbs fish sauce
            6 Kaffir lime leaves (Shredded)  
4 tbs light brown sugar
            2 cloves garlic (crushed)
            2 tbs sweet chilli sauce
            2 tbs lime juice
            4 tbs light soy sauce
mix all above ingredients in small pot, warm gently
Slash fish on both sides, place 3 Kaffir lime leaves in fish cavity
Squeeze half a lime over fish,
Place on rack over water in wok with lid on
Steam 5- 10 minutes depending on size
Meal of Thai flavoured John dory

To serve pour warm sauce over fish and serve with rice

Easy to do on a BBQ (take the premixed sauce in a jar)

Serve with a Nicholson River pinot noir

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