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Glass Biscuit


        100gm unsalted butter
        180 gm caster sugar
        90 gm liquid glucose
        90 gm plain flour

Melt first three ingredients together, gently, add flour stir until smooth
Roll into log - about 2.5 cm diameter
To use
    slice into rounds ( when cooked will spread about 6 times diameter )
place only two rounds on baking paper lined tray in oven 180 C until golden
remove from oven, place a second sheet of baking paper over the top, roll with rolling pin until doubled in size.
remove top sheet and when cool enough to handle (about 30 Sec) fold, drape over mold or cut to shape then cool.
Will cool to be very clear, brittle and fragile.
The rest of the log can be wrapped in plastic and refrigerated or frozen.

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