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Australian native animals
Wombats, wallabies, kangaroos, sugar gliders,   brushtail and ringtail possums  are some of the native animals that live in our forest. They are all nocturnal so are not often seen during the day. Echidnas, and goannas, are out during the day mostly only during the spring and summer season.
The sugar gliders can usually be seen curled up in their nest box. 

 Sugar gliders

Sugar glider The sugar gliders are normally nocturnal, but we found one very hot day that this one had climbed out of the nest box presumably to escape the heat. Of a night they climb up the tree and glide across to another tree. Moths, beetles and nectar as well as sap, particularly from the black wattle tree,  make up their diet. If you walk across to the spa of an evening you may hear their call, a nip nip.  In the U.S.A they are sometimes kept as pets, although in Australia we are not allowed to keep native animals as pets unless they have been born in captivity.
Sugar Gliders would usually nest in a hollow in a tree but hollows take many years to form. This area was cleared for farming and as the black wattles renew the soil they provide excellent sugar glider food, however there are no old trees with hollows for nesting, so they are using the nest box we have put up in the tree.
Sugar gliders in the nest boxThe tower below the nest box allows us to climb up the ladder, peek in and see that the sugar gliders are in residence. (they are so cute)