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Spa at the B & B
Accreditation  Goldsmith's in the Forest
Harrison's Track Lakes Entrance, Vic 3909 Ph. 61 03 51552518
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Spa set in secluded romantic location
Spa in the forest at the B & B

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Spa at Goldsmith's Lakes Entrance Bed and Breakfast

The Spa is set in its own secluded shelter 50 metres from the Bed and Breakfast so that it can be used at any time of day or night. With only four couples on the property and a key system you can be assured of privacy. The spa normally operates at 38 Centigrade, ideal for a moonlight spa when you can turn off all the jets and just lie back and listen to the night creatures. Set the temperature down to 36 degrees Centigrade for a refreshing afternoon Spa, with netting to keep out the insects and let in the sounds and scents of the forest. For those who don't indulge, it is a great place out of the wind to relax with a friend or a book, or watch the many birds, you may even see a lyrebird, as there is a dancing mound nearby.

Pick an aboriginal hairbrush, complete with shampoo and conditioner, we have them in three or four colours. The local "hairbrush tree" or Banksia is the Coast Banksia, with a profusion of pale yellow brushes for most of the year. The garden around the Bed and Breakfast is planted with Australian Native flowers, the grevilleas and bottlebrushes are a good place to watch for the Eastern spinebill and New Holland Honeyeater - if the Wattle birds haven't chased them away. The Satin Bower Birds, Crimson Rosellas and King Parrots feed in the Lillypilly, Black Wattle and Blackwood trees.